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Empower an Entrepreneur

Many individuals around the world are living below the poverty line, and with little education, they face extreme disadvantages. With limited access to sustainable livelihoods, the individuals who are the most in need, continue to live their adult lives on the margin. Our solution is to offer these individuals and families with business training and education to empower them to start their own small/medium enterprises. By donating to one of our entrepreneurs you will assist us with providing the tools to drastically transform the lives of those we serve and help to secure their children’s future.


Support our Programs

Give people living in poverty the chance to dream, grow, send their children to school, provide for their families, and create lasting change for themselves and their community. By supporting our projects you are aiding in working towards our goal of eradicating poverty in communities around the globe.


Sponsor an Education

For children in developing nations, access to school is all to scarce. Across our world, 263 million children and youth have never started school or have already had to drop out. Every child deserves a quality education and the opportunity to succeed. Education is the greatest determinant of future economic status and self-resilience. Rise House is committed to putting and keeping more children in schools around the world.

The cost of school often burdens families. By sponsoring an education, it removes the stress for parents that continuously struggle to send their children to school each year and allows them to focus on other needs such as food, healthcare, or growing their small business.



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